Where in the World am I?

I’m feeling a bit like an episode of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” — my life somehow went crazy in these past couple of weeks.

The semester came to an end, of course, which is typically a test of a teacher’s sanity. Yet that wasn’t enough this time. Oh, no. Not at all.

At the start of May, as finals were still wrapping up, I hopped in my Commander and drove from Charleston to Monroe, Louisiana. About 14 hours or so. I then spent two and a half days working on the Jeep there, stripping my BDS lift kit and replacing it with one from Superlift. And doing some other Jeep-related things, too. Exhausting. Then I drove back.

I then had two days to pack up the entirety of my office at work. They’re gutting the HVAC system of our building, and we’re being moved to barracks for the summer. (I’m in D Company for the next couple of months.)

Meanwhile, I had a sudden raging fire to put out as Chair of the Montessori Parents Association at the lad’s school (a position to which I was recently inexplicably elected). The district School Board had decided to smother our playground with another school in mobile trailer units, so I had to call out the troops, write letters, kick and cajole folks to action, and sit through one meeting after another, in between which …

Graduation. This was the class that I’d started here with, the ones who’d grown up with me here at El Cid. It was touching. And cool. Give ’em Hell out there, Class of 2010!

… and so more fighting against the terrible choice by the School Board, which culminated in them rescinding their vote and essentially capitulating to the desire of our forces. Which was a huge relief.

With such things out of the way, I was able to turn to writing an academic paper that I’m scheduled to present on Saturday at the International Congress on Medieval Studies. Finished the paper yesterday, and I’m leaving for the conference tomorrow. No time like the last minute, eh?

So now I’ll be off to Michigan for a few days, getting back on Sunday.

Then one (1) day of relaxing and repacking, before we leave for a week at Disneyworld. Which will. not. suck.


  1. Gracious! After reading all that, I need to go take a nap. 🙂

    Safe travels.

  2. 🙂 Disney got bumped up a day, actually. We leave in about five hours now.

  3. @ Michael Livingston

    Did pressure from Samuel have anything to do with this decision? Me think it very likely!!

  4. Connie Tomkins

    Hopefully Disney World is a little break for you. It was interesting to see a little of the political side of the life of a teacher. No one really knows what someone does, until they are in their shoes, but you are helping us to see that.

  5. Disney was a HUGE break. Didn’t want to leave!

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