Wii Are Sore

It didn’t really need confirmation, but now I know I’m out of shape. A few hours of playing Wii Sports — especially the boxing — and my muscles are actually a tad tired.

I am truly out of shape.

On the plus side, I can report that the Wii is a ridiculous amount of fun. We bought Wii Play, which is a terrific way to get a second Wii-mote (the remote thingamajig you use to play most games): a game set (billiards, laser hockey, target shooting, etc.) for $50 that comes with a Wii-mote ($40 value), as well as a component video cable, which gets us up to 480p resolution. Not nearly what the TV can do, but the maximum the Wii can put out.

Lots of fun.

In between bouts of Wii-fun I’ve been repainting my new mini-laptop (pics and explanation to come) and this afternoon I got out the power saw and did some modification to our TV stand in preparation for the forthcoming Yamaha soundbar. Our stand had no way to incorporate such a wide piece of equipment.


  1. There is a new Wii game out called “Mario Strikers Charged”. I haven’t played it on the Wii yet but it is the Wii version of the GameCube’s Mario Super Strikers (by far the best GameCube game ever). Basically it is soccer game but you can play all four players on the same team or play against each other. It is a great party game. As for how it plays on the Wii I will know shortly as I just got it for my brother for his birthday.

    Another good party game is Super Monkey Ball, it’s got a lot of short games so people can pass of the controllers and everyone gets a go at it.

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