Wii (Un)Fit

Wii Balance BoardWe were out pretty early yesterday morning, taking the Hobbit to his first swim lesson, so we decided to stop by K-Mart to see if they had a Wii Fit in stock — the just-released game and balance board accessory for the beloved Wii entertainment system.

K-Mart opened at 8. By the time we walked in at 8:40 their stock was long gone; the clerk seemed to be amused that I thought they might still have some in the store. Well, we’d half-expected this kind of result — even the Wii itself can still be tough to get one’s hands on — so we sauntered out without disappointment. We were still pretty early for the swimming pool, though, since traffic had been slight. And Target wasn’t that far away …

Target opened their doors at 9, just before we pulled into the parking lot. As I was wandering down the aisles at 9:05 there were happy folks passing me on the way out, prized games in hand. Clearly, they’d been waiting at the door at 9 like horses at the starting gate. I half-wished I’d been there to see that. Like some twisted running of the bulls at Pamplona.

Turns out Target still had some in stock by the time a latecomer such as myself got down to the electronics department. What’s more, when we stopped by Best Buy around 10:30 to look at car stereos, they still had 8 or so sitting on the shelves. Perhaps the reports of Fit shortages aren’t quite so dire as predicted?

Anyway, we have a Wii Fit now. Spent a bit of last night exercising with the thing, and it really was a lot of fun. Yoga, skiing, push-ups … I’m surprised I’m not more sore today. That said, I’m sad to report that my Wii Fit age is about five years older than I am — something my little Mii avatar was very sad about.

It’s early, but I think this little contraption might push us to do some workouts that would have otherwise gone undone. So that’s good. And I didn’t even have to battle for it!


  1. I too have disappointed mii…as at 30 it says I’m 35. I guess I should be thrilled it don’t come up as 55.

  2. Indeed, that’s not nearly so bad as it could be.

  3. My fit board lectured me about going to bed last night. It said it was proud of my dedication but at 12:25am I should think about sleeping. I stopped playing at 2:00am.

  4. Sucks when software rags on you. Pretty awesome that you could last that long on the thing. Rawr.

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