Wisdom Teeth Healing

I thought I ought to post an update on my healing from Spring Break’s double tooth-yanking.

Happily, I can report that I had very little ill-effect. I didn’t swell up hardly at all, and I was pretty much done spitting blood by the next morning. I don’t know if these happy conditions were a result of the fact that I had only local anaesthesia, but I suspect that might be so. For one thing, I was able to consciously relax or tighten my muscles in accordance with what was being done to me. Perhaps even more importantly, since I was aware it’s possible the dentist was less brutal than he might otherwise have been.

Regardless, it’s pretty much beyond doubt that the dentist did a good job. Thanks, Dr. Probst!

Anyway, for one reason or another, the dentist did put stitches in the upper jaw wound, and he didn’t use the dissolving kind. I was scheduled to go in to have them removed this past Monday, and in the meantime wasn’t supposed to eat much of anything solid. Everything went without a hitch, except that the stitches actually came out a few days early on Saturday. They’d partially come loose, and the dangling thread was quite bothersome. So I pulled them out myself.

No worries, though. The dentist checked things on Monday just the same, and all is looking great.

Now I just need to hope the other two wisdom teeth stay good and buried!


  1. But do you feel more — or less — wise?

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