WordPress 2.5

I spent a good portion of this afternoon upgrading the website to version 2.5 of WordPress. Rather stressful, to say the least. I adore the simultaneous ease of use and enormous flexibility of this software, but upgrading is a tremendously frightful process in which you must delete primary function folders and files off the server. One wrong move, as they say, and you can kill the whole show.

And I’m a medievalist.

Still, it appears things have turned out well. I don’t see anything broken yet — please drop me a line if you do! — and the new version has some nice new bells and whistles in addition to the basic security improvements of an upgrade.

I also took an hour or so to add a few minor tweaks to the site in the form of plugins and code alterations. Some basic share links are now included at the end of posts, and over to your left (my right, I suppose) you can see a list of the most recent five comments. Other little adjustments may follow.

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  1. Since the comments are directly under your headshot, I think you might say that the comments are beneath you.

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